SdibiT’s VR show VS. other digital fashion virtual presentation(II)

As explained in previous posts, we believe even design varies depending on different cutting lines, the actual looseness commonly known as comfort of wearing on consumers can achieve a stable level through digital technology.

Compared with the companies’ works mentioned above, the media worked out by SdibiT may not be the most beautiful one or the most attractive to consumption. However, we can ensure that consumers can get exactly the same clothes as long as they place an order after watching the video in the same relax mood, and the effect of physical objects is even better than that in the video.
Two days ago, reading the post that CLO’s CTO announced the end of his career at CLO and was ready to take on new challenges,  we fell into deep consideration. The digitization of the fashion industry has really experienced a long exploratory period. We really want to pay tribute to the people who have made unremitting efforts for the digitization process of the industry for many years.

2nd Jul, 2022

Thanks to brand Flipped Lab, for the permission of the videos and photos.