SdibiT’s V-human show VS. other digital fashion virtual presentation

We have already talked about the difference between SdibiT’s and 3D animation’s clothing visual presentation.
Today, let’s explain the difference between SdibiT’s clothing virtual presentation and that of other companies in the fashion industry in the world.
We reiterate that the core of the difference discussed here is not from the perspective of visual impact, which is cooler, more popular or more promising, but whether it can be faithfully restored in real life after the visual is presented, and finally delivered to consumers in the form of ready-to-wear goods.
Not only the 3D animations that have been talked about, but also visual presentations purely for entertainment purposes, such as Hollywood blockbusters, have the same problem. After watching the movie, people don’t think that they can wear the exact same clothes as worn on characters. There are three major reasons. One is that people think the clothes in the movie is too unrealistic. The second is that they think it must be completely customized from the fabric to the cutting and sewing, and the delivery period and price are not within their expectation. And the last one is that they don’t think they can compare with the characters in terms of age, figure nor temperament, so they can’t judge whether the clothes would fit them from the visual effect of characters in the film.
Similarly, at present, in the global apparel industry, clothing virtual presentation has developed a lot. Software tools provided by digital fashion companies such as #CLO#Browzwear , #Z-emotion, #Style3D… etc., and other visual display effect tools are developing ,surly the skill of combining use of different tools is progressing. So the presentation effect is becoming more and more fabulous.
However, are we the only group who think that there is still problems in terms of distance and time from this kind of visual presentation to physical clothing products for end consumers? It is the same problem that 3D animation and Hollywood movies are also facing.
We always believe that the core of the apparel industry lies in the design process. Through digital technology, even design varies depending on different cutting lines, the actual looseness commonly known as comfort of wearing on consumers can achieve a stable level. And this is the key problem that must be solved in the design process empowered by digital technology.
As stated previously, the core of SdibiT’s solution is based on the big data of human body, the complete output from design ideas to modeling and sewing pattern making process to the final product , focusing on the actual wearing effect of the apparel on consumers.
In other words, no matter what the size is, for each size, we start from human body shape study to ensure the comfort and fit of the final clothing always kept constant.

(to be continued…)
2nd, Jul, 2022

Many thanks to brand D⁴ platform, whose digital-tech service is provided by SdibiT, for giving permission to use the VR show of the brand and photos of their customers.