【What is AI’s view on the issue of the AI application in directly converting clothing designs into production patterns?】

We have held the 3D digital fashion design & pattern-making workshop regularly for three years. This year, for the first time, all five participants have a master’s degree or higher, with one participant holding a Ph.D.

During the first day’s discussion, one of them brought up the idea of hearing AI’s opinion to verify the perspective and method I presented.
It seems that AI agrees with me as the attached screenshot photos❗ Ha-ha…
The text also highlights in blue that “This is a complex task that requires a deep understanding of garment construction and patternmaking principles” – which suggests that AI recognizes the importance of having a strong foundation in the principles of garment construction and patternmaking to successfully carry out the proposed approach.

In fact, even before the emergence of powerful AI drawing tools like today, we have been offering consumers a whole solution to customization haute couture as following.
Without AI drawing tools, consumers can use our relatively sophisticated models for simple customization and creation, and choose from designs to create their own unique clothing.
For more than a decade, we collected fashion design data from fashion shows published in Vogue by top brands. And these data work as AI drawing tools.
We select the design suits actual target consumers from abundant pictures and integrate various construction lines‘ essence.
And the method used throughout is to design directly on the 3D digital garment model made from the 3D digital torso and output 2D patterns in real time.


We are also proud that SSFOX/SdibiT is the only private company that has been featured by the famous economic program #WBS(“world business satellite” )of #TVTokyo as an international digital fashion pioneer.

31st May, 2023

From Beautiful “Clothes” to Beautiful “You”

From beautiful “clothes” to beautiful “you”.

The dress you are wearing is very nice(dress is beautiful).

→ The dress suits you very well (you are beautiful).

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Create an environment you can easily do clothes shopping anytime, anywhere and no matter whom you are with. And you can receive the object as like as two peas seen in the image.

Just stop “the picture is only for reference”, we don’t need it any longer.

People all over the world have experienced the same long stay at home because of covid-19. Today’s remote work and 5G environment have achieved so far, and the correspondence of the net sales becomes important in the apparel industry. In the past, you can attract customers attention simply by uploading goods catalog on the Internet. However, nowadays, consumers ask more. Differentiated experience is required to catch their attention and satisfy them. In this digital era, personal oriented services such as virtual trying on is the best solution.

The purpose of trying on is to satisfy the shopping, so take improving the efficiency of trying on as a service.

(1) Confirmation of size and fit +   (2) a good interpretation of you

→ (1) a good interpretation of you ・ confirm the suitable clothes (make a good match just in one step)

【provide high precision and reliable size and fit clothes】

SdibiT will be present on World IoT Expo 2019 from 6th to 10th September

World IoT Expo 2019 will be held from 6th to 10th September this year. Welcome to visit our booth at B1-32.

SdibiT will debut the whole 3D scan, design mix&match to self-operated VR fitting system to the whole world. Welcome to visit us and have a brand new experience of costume customization.

We are particularly expecting apparel companies to discuss cooperation in the industry. With our SIGGRAPH technology and sophisticated silhouette design technology, customization production of medium volume can be realized to reduce costs and save time in apparel industry.

HUAYUN Vice President Visit SdibiT

HUAYUN data group, a leading cloud computing vendor, is one of Unicorn Enterprises in China . 22th August, HUAYUN’s vice president Mrs Hua and other team members visited SdibiT.

SdibiT gave detail demonstration of our 3D body scan and virtual fitting system and showed its  extraordinary design ability with its vast design database. HUAYUN team is impressed with SdibiT’s data management ability and is interested in future cooperation.

With our business development, more design data will be generated and need to be stored. Cooperation with professional data group HUAYUN is expected in the near future.