From Beautiful “Clothes” to Beautiful “You”

From beautiful “clothes” to beautiful “you”.

The dress you are wearing is very nice(dress is beautiful).

→ The dress suits you very well (you are beautiful).

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Create an environment you can easily do clothes shopping anytime, anywhere and no matter whom you are with. And you can receive the object as like as two peas seen in the image.

Just stop “the picture is only for reference”, we don’t need it any longer.

People all over the world have experienced the same long stay at home because of covid-19. Today’s remote work and 5G environment have achieved so far, and the correspondence of the net sales becomes important in the apparel industry. In the past, you can attract customers attention simply by uploading goods catalog on the Internet. However, nowadays, consumers ask more. Differentiated experience is required to catch their attention and satisfy them. In this digital era, personal oriented services such as virtual trying on is the best solution.

The purpose of trying on is to satisfy the shopping, so take improving the efficiency of trying on as a service.

(1) Confirmation of size and fit +   (2) a good interpretation of you

→ (1) a good interpretation of you ・ confirm the suitable clothes (make a good match just in one step)

【provide high precision and reliable size and fit clothes】