【Some parts of technology logics of AI search tools are similar or even same. Can any giant company plus α to differentiate itself? Starting from AI fashion with us is promising】

After the company OpenAI, funded by Microsoft, released #ChatGPT and combined it to search engine Bing, #Google also announced its plan to integrate Bard, its self-developed AI search tool similar to ChatGPT.

For users, since platform tools have similar functions, will the platform that can provide in-depth services on this basis be more attractive? The demand of fashion design cannot be missed!

AI technologies have applied in fashion industry in many aspects. For example, natural language processing has been used in conversational commerce, computer vision has been used in smart mirrors, and to be noticed, generative model as fashion designers. Google, #Amazon, and the Chinses company #DeepBlue all released their AI fashion design application around the year 2016 and 2017.

However, why these AI fashion design tools did not been put into use widely?
Having a lot of AI generated design pictures in hand but have no efficient way to create pattern data to turn them into actual production is useless!
Most users want to actually wear them, not just enjoy the pictures, don’t you agree?

As mentioned in the previous submissions, the point to notice is that “Generative AI” learns from image data that already exists.
Our company SdibiT has millions of pattern pieces which can be matched and combined into a new style. We call it Mix&Match technology and it is a solution to AI generative fashion.

However, to maximize our data and technology application, we’d like to work with a professional AI team. We are going to figure out the algorithm of automated pattern matches together and generate as many styles as possible which all have the adequate data for production.

Is it an exciting work? Any team has the ambition to shake the fashion industry is welcomed to contact us🤝🤝