【Our solution is not the competing version of #CLO, #Browzwear, #Optitex, #Style3D…Our relationship is mutual supplement】

As mentioned in the last submission, the consistency of data is fundamental for DX in any industry, and the fashion industry will be no exception❗
Should these enterprises integrate our scheme into the system for comprehensive application❓
Since it will truly innovate and benefit the design department of fashion industry and provide the industry with the true DX process❗

In China, our company is invited by the design school of university in the video below to hold workshops regularly. Let the teachers and students understand the basic digital design thinking method and process of design data processing by creating their own digital garments together.

The purpose of this workshop in the video is to experience the whole DX process. Therefore, left behind our company’s requirement of DigitalTwin-Matching temporarily, teachers and students can first enjoy the creation freely.

Note the first twenty seconds of the video. The method is obviously wrong if considering the actual wearer.
The rigor of phygital demands you not to draw the curve arbitrarily. How to think and deal with it, is the teaching content of our next workshop.

However, the great players of the future have realized the significance of designing directly on the “3D Digital DRAPING” according to their own idea and obtaining digital pattens which can restore the design in real time.
One small step today, one big leap tomorrow. The future is in sight👍