SdibiT Solution appears in White Paper

In the White Paper on scientific and technological innovation in the garment industry published recently in China, SdibiT’s digital solution is included and recommended. While 3D pattern-making is quite familiar to the fashion industry in China now, SdibiT’s 3D design and pattern making solution is outstanding because of its body shape database and VR garment silhouette building technology. The workflow picture in the book shows that there are 5 key steps in the process.

One is building digital torso of target market based on the body shape database.

Two is building digital garment silhouette based on software calculation and the 3D garment can be transited to 2D patterns in real time.

The third step is building pattern database of different parts of the clothe and all these parts can be exchanged based on the same silhouette.

Then the forth step, build the digital fabric database through fabric simulation. Build the Avatar database according to step one’s 3D body shape data.

And finally, all the above database can be combined to become a whole product development solution for a fashion company. It can also be a DIY VR fitting app to consumers which is an entry to metaverse.

The biggest difference of SdibiT’s 3D solution with others is obvious now. It works with the same 3D data in the whole process and its data can be used both in the following production process and in the Metaverse world.