The 3D Scanner System is Put into Use in SdibiT

In June this year, the 3D body scanner system is imported from Japan to SdibiT office. We select the most advanced scanner Spacevision which scans more than 1.5 million spots of human body. The whole scan process only takes 2 seconds.

With your 3D data in our system, Sdibit can make the exact fitting costume according to your preferences.

Until now, several customers have experienced the modern service in SdibiT. And we are looking forward to your attendance.

The Internet Infrastructure is Ready in SdibiT

After 2 weeks’ cooperation with NTT DATA team, the data center and internet infrastructure have been set ready in SdibiT on 11th June.

Thanks to everyone who is involved in this installation process. The internet foundation of the 3D Scan to Virtual Fitting System is put into use from the day on.

SdibiT’s IT professionals will make good use and keep regular maintenance of the system. And more internet equipment or service will be added with our business grows in future.

SdibiT Becomes Member of Wuxi Big Data Development Union

SdibiT has analyzed and optimized human body data for garment design from China and Japan for nearly 20 years. The optimized design data and 3D design technology can be provided to costume companies to improve their design efficiency and reduce costs.

28th, April 2019, it is our honor to become the membership of Wuxi Big Data Development Union.

Sdibit always treats data as our biggest asset and will work closely with other members of Big Data Union to develop our business.