【Implement our solution to facilitate the genuine digital transformation of the fashion industry】

        To advance the metaverse fashion business, we must have a clear understanding. There is a fundamental distinction between digital art and digital twin products. The disparity between images and physical products leads to return or exchange requests, and if not addressed, it hinders participant and consumer engagement. Particularly when transitioning from digital to physical production and ultimately delivering to end consumers, the appearance effect alone is insufficient—it must also ensure practical wearability and comfort.



        To minimize such return or exchange issues and succeed in creating sellable digital twin products, we assert that the only effective DX solution is one where all data sources start from a 3D state.


        While such a DX solution may not yet be offered by providers in other countries, we can provide it through collaboration with our Japan company and affiliated partners.


1.AI Fashion

        We possess leading core technology in the creation of digital twin products, although it is not widely known globally due to insufficient promotional efforts.



2.Proven in the Chinese Market for 15 Years (Three Areas)

  • Handling variations in body shapes and diverse design requests in ready-to-wear clothing
  • Catering to semi-custom and full-custom orders
  • Providing DX support for creating new brands

        ( https://lnkd.in/gya5MzrE)           


3.With consistent technological principles and technical logic, aiming to become a Category Killer across various clothing items in the Asian Market at the very least!

  • Our expertise in MIX&MATCH


  • Experience in generating automatic combination tables.