【SdibiT’s Thought of Education on Digital Transformation of Apparel Industry】

Breakthrough、Innovation or subversion means not using the usual methods nor stick to the routines.
To break away from the routine, we need to think in a new way and update our knowledge.
The new challenge is same to everyone. So there is no ability gap between students and teachers. Everyone needs to learn new theory, principles and practice a lot. Whoever is ahead or better in the new competition will be the teacher.
When there is breakthrough in one industry, the past experience does not necessarily mean advantage. In the following cases, previous experience may even become a hindrance:
1. The common sense of “impossible things” judged by experience when facing bottlenecks needs to be broken. Such “impossible things” can be done at least in part or completely under specific conditions now.
2. When all practitioners are required to renew their thinking and judge by themselves “what can be done now”, only those who have passed the thought transformation can get “new common sense”.
In other words, only after the system update of the technical logic working mode, can we determine whether the past experience has the value of supporting the new mode.
Therefore, education is crucial in the process of digital transformation in all industries. Staff certainly need to be re-educated. It is more important to give new systematic guidance to students.

In previous articles we have stated that no matter the future clothing display orientation is AR、VR、MR…if adopting SdibiT’s solution, the basic data input to the display end is the same. And SdibiT can provide such data for customers to use according to their own optional display method.

That is to say, no matter which direction the industry will go in the future, we have made basic preparation to provide corresponding data.

In technology competition, time is the most expensive cost. Anyone who is willing to adopt our solution can make up the shortage and be prepared to participate in any business model together within the shortest time.

We have carried out joint education courses in the top three design colleges in China, such as Jiangnan University and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

SdibiT holds the willing to cooperate with fashion professional education institutions in more countries and facilitate the truly sustainable development of apparel industry worldwide.

30th Oct,2022

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