【SdibiT’s VHuman Creation VS. Others’】

How VHumans are generated, this topic is very important. Because the display of virtual clothing is as same as physical clothing, it needs a carrier or medium like hanger or model to display from different angles in a three-dimensional and comprehensive way. In this way, it can release or transmit various information. What kind of carrier you use to display the clothing basically determines your target group. In other words, it determines what kind of mentality people will have when seeing this clothes, even the whereabout and final result of this garment can be predicted. After watching the picture or video, will people stop on the [watch], or will they continue to operate, such as saving the image or changing other tools to continue other gameplay, or will they have the desire to convert it into physical objects and ware the actual clothes right away?
In our current range of knowledge, apart from humans, no other creatures need clothing. Whether in digital world or real world, clothing exists only for people. People dress animals in costumes because they think it is ritualistic, visually pleasing, or expressing love. As for what do animals think, OMG no comment…
Therefore, we believe that virtual clothing can be divided into two major categories according to people’s requirement. One is only for visual appreciation or entertainment, and the other is expected to be converted into physical clothing in real life.
SdibiT makes virtual clothes for people to watch and order online. All the virtual clothes people see online can be produced into ready-to-wear goods offline, and immediately delivered to end consumers in need. Therefore, we must think from the perspective of ordinary consumers. What kind of virtual display can convince consumers that they can place orders without misgiving according to their shopping experience and habits? And there will be no follow-up returns and exchanges due to information asymmetry. Now, you must have the conjecture that what kind of VHuman is used for display is the decisive factor.
For current online shopping, it is very difficult for consumers to make objective and accurate shopping judgment according to commodity pictures. Because the height and figure of the model wearing the clothes is very different from ordinary people. And this kind of pictures are processed by tools like PS. 40% of the root causes of returns and exchanges after online shopping are people’s dissatisfaction with clothes wearing on themselves considering fit and size. This is what we usually call【Buyer show vs. Seller show】.
Specifically, we can see the generation of Dibi, our No.1 official V-model, as shown in the video. In fact, we will first generate an Avatar(3D Digital Torso) based on the analysis and processing of Chinese female body shape data assets accumulated over 15 years according to the target customer group.

(to be continued…)