Haitao Angel Dream Award Ceremony Values New Technologies

Haitao Angel Dream Award Ceremony was hosted on 6th Oct, 2020. The main theme of this year’s ceremony was new technologies that promote health and environment protection.

Celebrities attended the ceremony include Shi Dinghuan, President of World Green Design and Former State Council Counsellor, Chen Yejin, CEO of Ruili, Sun Haitao, Founder of the Haitao Angel Dream, Li Bizhong, Founder of Beijing ChamGo Nano-Tech Co., Ltd…

At the beginning of ceremony, Mr. Sun Haitao shared the application of BCNT Nano antiviral& antibacterial technology in the fashion fabric industry. The effectiveness of the material is catching eyes all over the world.

Yan Wen, CEO of SdibiT attended the ceremony as alliance, made a speech of How O2O Intelligent Interaction Design System Changes Future Life.

People’s attention on green design and sustainable fashion has reached a new height ever since. The leading brands and designers like Sun Haitao who values social responsibility are actively applying environmental friendly fabrics and anti-virus &bacteria fabrics into design.

From the perspective of SdibiT, the design and pattern-making phase plays the most important role in promoting sustainable fashion. A good design and pattern-making is what consumers really like and buy. It ends stocks and puts green materials into use to reach a recycle. And SdibiT is specialized in extraordinary 3D design &pattern generating and VR fitting solutions for fashion industry.

Empower design with technology and promote sustainable fashion by design methodology.