Digital Fashion/Digital-twin Fashion/DigitalTwin-Matching Fashion

Digital Fashion/Digital-twin Fashion/DigitalTwin-Matching Fashion, are three different concepts.
Today, there are overseas brands coming to consult: What are the highlights of your #metaversefashion video on Fashion Week❓

Our video is dedicated to achieving DigitalTwin-Matching virtual display.
It means the physical clothes that are truly delivered to consumers are not only the appearance, but also the wearing effect matches the virtual display as much as possible❗

There is still a big difference between the costumes of animation or game characters in pure visual entertainment:
1. Garment modeling
The patterns generated traditionally from 2D Cad and provided by the brand, are not directly used❗
We verified patterns by our data processing system with 3D calculation optimization and reconstruction.

2. Vmodel modeling
The characters’ body shape is also the output of our system processing, not a detached supermodel or anime game style body shape❗

Digital Fashion ❓
Digital-twin Fashion ❓
DigitalTwin-Matching Fashion ❓
Just tell SdibiT your application scenario and purpose, then you will get a one-stop arrangement.

March 29, 2023