【SdibiT’s VHuman Creation VS. Others'(II)】

As repeatedly mentioned in previous submissions, SdibiT makes virtual clothes for people to watch and order online. All the virtual clothes people see online can be produced into ready-to-wear goods offline, and immediately delivered to end consumers in need.
Therefore, our VHuman does not focus on the creation of ideal characters like animations, doing some surreal exaggeration; nor does it follow the popular way of fashion brands, using gorgeous face and three circumference values as supermodels, or amazing figures such as 8heads tall even 10heads tall. In Japanese culture, having a small head is one of the most important factors of beauty. Many young women wish they were eight heads tall, which means the ratio of her head and her total height is 1 to 8. It’s considered the ideal body proportion. Take our No.1 official V-model Dibi as an example, she is not made in this beauty standard, but as normal as the sweet girl next door who just has slightly slender legs.
we have seen the generation of Dibi as shown in the video posted previously. In fact, we will first generate an Avatar(3D Digital Torso) based on the analysis and processing of Chinese female body shape data assets accumulated over 15 years according to the target customer group.The shape and value of each cross-section are standard data formed by precise calculation. After processing, a 3D digital torso with optimized body shape and smooth curves is formed. And Dibi’s main body is created as similar as possible to our 3D digital torso.
A regrettable issue must be mentioned here, because the current #3Dmodeling of human body mainly focuses on cool and beautiful visual effect, and almost does not directly provide service tools for the actual supply chain of the apparel industry. When we create a V-human, even though the data assets and data processing technology we already have can make the output display results closer to the state of #digitaltwin, due to some limitation of the software, we can’t completely adjust the shape according to our calculation result which most conforms to the real human body. Regarding this little gap between digital model and reality, we expect partners with software tools to work together to eliminate the gap.

Today, our company in Wuxi, China is facing the crisis of not being able to commute normally for the next few days because of the epidemic policy. Since the mood of online meeting is not very good, we simply take a break and have a serious discussion here.
6th Jul, 2022